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Looks like Leyas pet Mahina is wrapping up her shower. But she is not done yet as Leya walks in and tells her to clean her as well. It starts innocent enough as Mahina adoringly cleans her owner but Leyas mood turns more abusive as she slaps her pet, jams her feet in her mouth, and grabs hold of her hair and has her lick her pussy and asshole. It gets difficult to breathe for Mahina as Leya jams her face in there but Mahina does her best to please Leya, eventually bringing her to climax. There is no reward for her pet that she lovingly calls Slut Face, instead she is merely dismissed.

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subby girls pictures

Being the kind slave owner that she is, Ashley decides to give her slave Sadie a break from washing the dishes by letting her adore her feet. Ashley is a little tired and her feet could use some feminine attention, after all wearing those cute heels all day does make her feet sore. Sadie love massaging Ashleys feet and jumps at the chance, rubbing, caressing and adoring them while she sits back and relaxes. After that it is back to the dishes for Sadie.

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Staci sure does make some weird noises when she is being tickled. They sound really cute though, which is probably why Ash and Marie dont let up and keep on tickling. Makes you almost feel some pity for Stacis almost. But her snorts are so cute, they just have to keep on tickling.

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From a quick glance it looks like Elle is having a very comfortable sleep. The reason though is because her sweet pet Jay is under the covers orally adoring her. Eventually the covers get pulled away and we can see Jay hard at work licking Elle, waking up her female owner in the most comfortable way she knows how. After a satisfying orgasm Elle is ready to start the day, now she can send her pet to go make her breakfast while she quickly hops in the shower.

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Like a good girl, Mahina waits patiently by the door for her master to come home. She holds her leash up at the ready for her female owner to take total control of her the instant she steps through the door. Leya arrives and is pleased to see her correctly waiting for her by the door, and she rewards her cute pet by letting her adore her feet. Like a good pet Mahina licks, adoring Leyas feet and shoes as she is so happy to see her owner again. Leya can be a very cruel slave owner but today she is happy with her pet so she gets to enjoy the privilege of being at her feet.